canadian. digital. creative. director. musician. piper. smarty pants.


At heart I am a geek. I love technology. What it does for us and how we can manipulate it to work for us. I’m also a creative guy who works in the advertising business on digital and integrated campaigns: social, mobile, mass, print, interactive, CRM, direct, promotions. I have over 19 years experience as an Art Director, an animator, and a Creative Director. I have built my career on pushing the limits, telling stories for brands in multiple categories and building award-winning communications with agencies large and small.

I’ve managed groups of more than 20 people and lead teams of one. I’ve been hands as an art director, a writer, and a creative director. What never changes is my approach. Do the best work possible that makes sense for the situation. I understand the technology and I speak the language. But even more so, I understand the value of great ideas and how to make them work across multiple platforms, in multiple mediums with multiple touch points.

I’m a creator and a story teller. A leader and a strategic thinker. A team player, and a collaborator. And I’m simply passionate about everything I do.

I love music, and photography. I try new experiences and I cherish the old ones. I like cameras, and cell phones (even when they are the same thing), and I can get inside any gadget I get my hands on. And when I’m not doing all of that, I’m playing the bagpipes or the guitar, and here and there I find the time to restore an old car.

Awards and Accolades

DMA Echo
John Caples


One Show
New York Festivals Global Awards
DMA Echo


Sheridan College
Centennial College


George Brown College